Career Opportunities

An Unique Device

Home Essentials, pertains to you a site that is meant to make life easier for people in the real world. The team is meant to be making a difference, for every experience that will happen to occur to anyone through us.


Our team is based on beliefs and values, which make them, to believe in a strong passion to go ahead and achieve the potential that makes a mark wherever we set foot.


Our concept to recognizance is that it falls in the path of people who wish to strive for it.


Home Essentials endeavors to be a platform that will help you get going in almost every step of the way. True visibility and recognition of any business to its patrons is what we guarantee to get you.

Work and Play

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We believe in this, and also believe in letting our hairs down once in a while and having a blast.


Team for us is another name to family. And we believe in sticking together, like a family, come what may.

We are always on the lookout for brilliant minds who can envision the best for our business. If you think you have ideas to improve our business, go ahead and sent a Email to [email protected] ( including your Resume ).